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Our furry patients are at the heart of On the Road House Call Veterinary Services and the main reason we provide in-house veterinary care. With the help of a dedicated team, we offer exemplary care with respect and compassion for each client and patient’s individual needs. For us, the welfare of your pet is priority and hence we attend to each call with sincere dedication. Our mission is to provide efficient in-house veterinary care for every pet in Calgary by using advanced techniques while maintaining a culture of respect with our patients. We have designed our services to cater to your pet’s specific needs and to cover all areas of internal medicine as required. Contact our experienced veterans for reliable pet care services. Take a look at what we offer:


Quality of life 

Areas of Practice


Emergency Services

By their very nature, emergencies need to be addressed at the earliest possible juncture, and cannot be scheduled. Thus, we are available at times when your pets have a major issue and cannot make it to the nearest hospital. Our mobile health units respond to house calls immediately in such cases. In addition, if the situation demands, we will work with you and your pet to get through the painful process of euthanasia in a respectful and healthy manner.

Prevent Plaque Buildup with Efficient Dental Care

Our dental technicians use modern techniques to clean and polish each tooth thoroughly to prevent plaque buildup.

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